The Contemporary Systems team created a mobile exhibit, called NO LIMITS, using Champ Car racing to showcase Microsoft technologies. It brings to each campus a self-contained rolling technology tour, featuring multiple real world applications all in use in the high-tech and exciting sport of Champ Car racing. 

The project included concept development, overall strategy, design and development of six custom .NET applications, specification and construction of custom hardware for gaming and registration, design and construction of a 44' rolling exhibit trailer, interior and exterior graphics, branding and collateral, a website, contest administration, logistics, and research.

The project was ready to roll in less than six weeks -- on time and on budget.

The NO LIMITS tour was the first of its kind for Microsoft and has received extremely favorable feedback.

The NO LIMITS tour has the following elements:

  • Immersive experience. From the moment you approach the exhibit, you hear the sounds of racing. An eight speaker A/V system with plasma display shows a continuously running Champ Car race.
  • Cool hardware. The NO LIMITS exhibit features a real Champ Car - the American Spirit Team Johansson Reynard driven by Ryan Hunter-Reay. And a working demonstration of the Pi Sigma Elite dashboard and data computer logger that is used by all the teams in the Champ Car World Series. In the hands-on section, attendees can play with the latest gadgets, like PocketPC handheld computers, state-of-the-art SmartPhones, and the latest in Tablet PCs.
  • Behind the scenes look. Attendees can see a Champ Car race unfold just as it did on the race day - with a leaderboard which shows who's winning and losing, a virtual car display which shows a virtual Champ Car responding to the driver inputs and data that was recorded in the race telemetry, an enhanced TV display which overlays a comparison between two drivers on top of the race broadcast. There are also
  • Interactive exhibits. Attendees can tune into the driver-to-pit communications so they can hear what the drivers really say during the race. And they can test their skills against a pro Champ Car driver in one of the driving testers. These exclusive driving testers are no simulation - your job is to keep up with the real driver and your inputs are continuously measured against his to see how you measure up.
  • Contests. Everyone can enter a raffle to win a cool prize, like an Xbox, a PocketPC, or Microsoft software. And the really technical can compete in the Virtual car programming contest for a VIP trip to a Champ Car race.

The NO LIMITS tour is completely self-contained - it provides its own power, carries its own internet access, and works rain or shine, indoors or out. It is equipped with a wireless mic, a wireless network, and can be configured for electronic attendee registration and e-commerce. Tour information is published on the website.

For a self-running Flash demo of the NO LIMITS tour, click here.