Microsoft approached Contemporary Systems with a challenge: showcase Microsoft tools and technologies for the increasingly cynical and hard-to-reach college market. Create a buzz around their brand and product.

The Contemporary Systems team developed a non-traditional approach to break through and show the students something they could get excited about, especially students who were not currently fans of Microsoft. Additionally, it was critical that the approach was credible -- demos are not enough; students need to see technology in the real world. The goal was simple: convince students that Microsoft technologies are capable, relevant and cool.

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CHAMPS KARTING, a multi-location corporate entertainment company, had outgrown their existing customer management software. After evaluating what was on the market - most of it a poor fit, based on old technology, and expensive, CHAMPS got together with the team and Contemporary Systems to build what would become the most capable software system in the category. The Contemporary Systems team identified the critical success factors, developed a design that delivered on the business objectives, defined the phases of development, chose development platform, and began work.

In less than six weeks, the new system, OSKAR, was up and running at CHAMPS Seattle. Today OSKAR runs all three CHAMPS locations, continuously synchronizing member data across the Internet. OSKAR provides member management, point-of-sale and cash management, accrual-based accounting, credit card verification, race timing and scheduling, web marketing, and back office auditing.

OSKAR has recently been selected as the system of choice by some of the biggest and busiest karting centers in the world, including Chicago Indoor Racing, K1 Speed, F1 Race Factory and others.

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